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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

When it comes to moving house, getting acquainted with a new location is as important as choosing the right property.

The commute time to work, how close is your home to the nearest shops or how long will it take to do the school run? These are some of the many important aspects which are likely to become part of a daily routine.

Even in these current unprecedented times when almost all of us are staying at home, there are plenty of online and non-contact opportunities to help house hunters who have temporarily put their physical search for a new home on hold.

For now, the Internet may be the only information gathering tool you are able to access, and developers like 4C Homes can provide a one stop shop for people searching their preferred property, the immediate location and surrounding areas, essential travel link details and a guide to curbing the cost of moving.

However, for those many people who still have plans to move to a new home in 2020, there is still plenty of opportunity for them to gather information and set goals for themselves in preparation for later in the year when we hope the restrictions will be lifted.

Our sales staff can be still contacted to on the phone to help with any immediate questions or just with information as to how to start the essential home buying journeys during these uncertain times. Our website remains a vital source of information in general and in relation to all developments, so we would urge people to use any spare time they have at home during this period of uncertainty to start planning ahead.

In addition, this may be a good time to plan finances for the months ahead.

Here's some tips to prepare for your house buying journey:

  • Set yourself some weekly goals when it comes to information gathering and keep a written record of your achievements.

  • Write a clear list of what you / your family is looking for in the design of home and check this against the floor plans which are available online.

  • Print off the online development brochures and check prices on the website.

  • Use the local information tab as the first port of call to find out about on the doorstep amenities, schools etc – a Google search can then provide you with more information and perhaps even plan a timed, virtual journey to your place of work through Google maps.

  • Even though some schools are currently closed, you can still find out the OFSTED rating of the local schools.

  • Online calculations are available to help plan your finances; ie how much deposit is required, what stamp duty you will have to pay.

For many people, moving home can be an exciting, yet at the same time, rather daunting experience – particularly if it is to a brand-new area. However, if you do your homework properly you can ensure your new home suits the whole family. We are often told location, location, location is key – but becoming acquainted with a particular area is as equally important as find that dream property.

Our Developments: Alver Court - Jackfield.

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