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Rainwater Harvest tanks are specially designed and engineered to collect and store rainwater into natural reservoirs. They can also infiltrate surface water into subsurface aquifers.

Storing the surface water can help prevent any storm water running off into the highway and any properties. Rainwater Harvesting can reduce a storm’s peak flow volume and velocity in local creeks, streams, and rivers, thereby reducing the potential for streambank erosion.


Surface water can be a perfect primary source however it can always be the perfect backup for emergencies. The recycling of water will help reduce many homeowners running costs.


4C Homes have worked closely with Wunda Floor Heating for over 15 years. Wunda Floor comes with a 10 year guarantee. 

When the whole house has been fit with underfloor heating the system is designed to provide a equal heat all over the home. Working off zones you can control each area individually. 4C Homes have provided the upgrade to a smarter future which enables the homeowner to control their heating from their mobile device.

Underfloor heating pipes are all linked into your boiler that pumps hot water around the property. It is also more efficient to run than radiators as the water does not need to get as hot.